Barnyard Brawl

Barnyard Brawl

Dates:Jul 21, 2024 - Jul 21, 2024
Times:Jul 21:4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Gallatin County Fairgrounds Anderson Arena
901 N Black Ave
Bozeman, Montana 59715
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Barnyard-Brawl-Entry-Form--Rules---2024.pubWe’re not sure who has more fun – kids or fans! Teenagers, get your strategy in order for the Calf Scramble. Little ones can test their speed in the Chicken Chase. And the ever-popular Mutton Bustin’ returns.
3:30pm Registration Opens East End of Grandstand
4:00pm Calf Scramble Competition
Mutton Bustin’ Immediately following Calf Scramble
Chicken Chase Immediately following Mutton Bustin
Little Squirts
No registration
Announcer will call participants from the grandstand

General Rules for CALF SCRAMBLE
1. Teams of 4.
2. Contestants in two age groups:
Intermediates: Ages 11-14
Seniors: Ages 15-19
3. Teams must provide their own calf halter AND extra-large t-shirt for calf dressing.
4. Teams line up behind the starting line. At GO, teams race to end of arena and catch a calf. Must halter calf, then dress calf in t-shirt with both front legs through sleeve holes and head through neck hole. Teams then lead the calf back across starting line.
5. First team across line wins.
6. Limit 10 team entries per age group.
General Rules for MUTTON BUSTIN’
1. Contestants weigh 60 pounds or less.
2. Contestants must be at least 4 years old.
3. Judged event. Ride scored on length of ride, difficulty of animal and riding style.
4. Contestants must wear boots or hard-toed shoes and helmet (bike riding helmet works good)
5. Sheep released from bucking chute with rider.
6. Limit 45 entries.
General Rules for CHICKEN CHASE
1. Contestants in two age groups:
Little Squirts Ages 4-7
Pee Wees Ages 8-10
2. Contestants gather behind starting line, five chickens let loose at the end of arena, at GO contestants race to catch a chicken.
3. No entry limit.

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