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Fairgrounds Master Plan

Frequently Asked Questions


The Gallatin County Fairgrounds is the home of the Big Sky Country State Fair, The Bozeman Roundup Ranch Rodeo, The Bozeman Bucks, American Legion Baseball Teams, Bozeman Amateur Hockey Association Youth and Adult Hockey Teams, Learn to Skate Program, Gallatin Valley Figure Skaters, The Bobcat Hockey Team, Bozeman Rifle and Pistol Club and Gallatin County Search and Rescue. The Fairgrounds also hosts numerous public events; commercial, cultural and educational and private events including; wedding receptions, class reunions. From 8am until 10pm, seven days a week, the Fairgrounds facilities are available for rent.
8am- 5pm Monday - Friday. We are closed on all nationally recognized holidays. 
  1. The Gallatin County Fairgrounds management reserves the right to interpret these policies and to settle and determine all matters, questions, and differences in regard thereto, arising out of and not covered by them and to enforce them. “Fairgrounds” and “facility” means any real property under the control of the Gallatin County Fairgrounds by and through Gallatin County. Furthermore, the Fairgrounds management reserves the right to remove from the grounds any person or persons who are causing a disturbance.
  2. Fairgrounds office hours are Mon-Fri 8 am - 5 pm; closed Federal holidays.
  3. Vehicles:
    3.1 The speed limit on the Fairgrounds is 15 mph for all vehicles.
    3.2 Parking shall be in designated areas only. No parking in a fire lane. Any person violating these rules is subject to a City of Bozeman traffic fine and any vehicle will be removed and/or impounded by the Fairgrounds. Any person violating the rules shall pay the actual cost of such removal and impoundment. Costs vary between towing companies. Parking lots are shared by multiple events.
  4. RV Parking - Public:
    4.1 RV & Camping spaces are in support of events unless approved by Fairgrounds management. Rentals shall not exceed 10 days in a 30-consecutive-day timeframe or conflict with any event.
    4.2 Showers or restrooms are not available.
    4.3 Reservations can be made by calling the Fairgrounds office 406-582-3270, Mon-Fri, 8 am - 4 pm.
    4.4 No Refunds
    4.5 No tents are allowed.
  5. RV Parking – Businesses:
    5.1 Contractors and businesses with Commercial General Liability insurance coverage may lease RV space on a month-to-month basis.
    5.2 Full month rate applies for the reservation regardless of total days of the month stayed; no credits for time not stayed.
  6. Food and beverages: Disbursement of food and all beverages must be served in accordance with rules listed in the Gallatin County Fairgrounds Rental Policy.
  7. Weapons:
    7.1 No unauthorized person shall possess or carry any weapon on the Fairgrounds: Gallatin County Ordinance 96-02.
    7.2 Weapons of any kind may not be sold unless authorized by Fairgrounds management. This includes dirk, dagger, pistol, revolver, rifle, shotgun, firearm, slingshot, sword cane, billy, knuckles made of any metal or hard substance, knife having a blade 4 inches long or longer, razor (not including safety razors), other deadly weapon or destructive device or any “toy” that simulates any of the above.
    7.3 Carrying a concealed weapon is prohibited in or on the Fairgrounds.
  8. Open fires or fireworks are not allowed on the Fairgrounds without the approval of Fairgrounds management.
  9. All non-service dogs must be on a leash or contained while on the Fairgrounds. Handlers with dogs that become out of control may be asked to control their animals. If effective action is not taken, a handler may be asked to remove their animal from the Fairgrounds.
  10. All Gallatin County Fairgrounds buildings are designated “Non-Smoking Areas” and abide by Gallatin County policy.
  11. Gallatin County Fairgrounds management requires that animals be handled in a proper and ethical manner in accordance with accepted modern animal husbandry and scientific practices.
  12. Refuse containers are for Fairgrounds events use only.
  13. Livestock and equestrian handling contained to the west side of horse stalling and livestock barns only; no animals to the east of these buildings.
  14. Equestrian:
    14.1 Indoor stalling by reservation only, through Fairgrounds office open Mon-Fri 8am-5pm except for holidays. Credit cards only.
    14.2 Outdoor penning north side of Anderson Arena, drop-in available seven days/week. Checks accepted at pay box.
  15. Open Riding:
    14.3.1 Open riding available daily when arenas are available. Anderson Arena, Performance Arena, and Indoor Arena – check the website for availability.
    14.3.2 Rate per rider, one fee per day, unlimited head; ride as many hours as available. See RV policies in the FAQs.
Legion Baseball - 406-570-3676
Greenway Range- 406-570-6660 (text only)
Ice Rink-406-586-5557
Please call the Gallatin County Fairgrounds at 406-582-3270 on Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.

Facilities and Rentals

To book one of our facilities contact the main office at or 406-582-3270.
Lessee shall carry commercial general liability insurance that is acceptable to Lessor and that names “Gallatin County, Montana” as an additional insured.

Endorsements must be on a primary and non-contributory basis.

Certificates of insurance evidencing the above and any other insurance requirement herein must be supplied to Lessor at least 30 days prior to the start of the lease term.

For all events involving alcohol distribution or sales, and for any other event at Lessor’s discretion, coverage must be provided in a minimum amount of $1.5 Million per Occurrence and Aggregate.  
Lessees with no credit history will be required to pay a down payment equal to the base rent and will be invoiced any remaining fees after the event. Lessee can cancel up to 60 days or more before the event to get the down payment refunded. 
All food and beverages served shall comply with Gallatin City-County Health Department regulations.  Food prepared on site requires a State of Montana Food Purveyors License.

Food purveyors must sign an agreement with the Fairgrounds, provide a Certificate of General Liability Insurance listing Gallatin County as Additionally Insured and remit the required commission on sales to the Fairgrounds.

Caterers serving an event where food is offered free to event guests are not subject to the concession fee. Fees do not apply to potlucks.  
An event providing alcoholic beverages to attendees must use the Fairgrounds purveyor who will be responsible for the lawful distribution of such beverages.

If it is deemed that the Lessee is able to provide alcoholic beverages without the Fairgrounds purveyor, the Lessee must carry Host Liquor Liability insurance, list Gallatin County as Additionally Insured and provide Certificate of Insurance stating the same. No glass containers are allowed.

The alcohol purveyor for the Gallatin County Fairgrounds is the Single Barrel and can be reached at 406.577.2173.
If renting hourly, hourly rate includes time for setup and tear down. Day rate includes all time in facility including set up and tear down.
You have 60 days to cancel any day rate rentals. If you have an hourly rental it’s 24 hours’ notice.

State Fair

The dates of the Big Sky Country State Fair are July 17th-21st
Concert tickets are on sale NOW!
Gate admission and other tickets go on sale NOW! 
Purchase tickets online at this link or at the gate! Concert tickets must be bought in advance.

Online Fair Admission
·         Tickets are available online for fair admission for the duration of the fair. 
·         All pricing increases to listed gate price at midnight on Tuesday, July 16th.
·         All other ticket packages are no longer available after that time.
·         $7 Senior (62+)
·         $10 Adult
·         $4 Youth (Ages 6-12)
·         $0 Children (5 and under)

Advance Weekly Pass
·         Includes a package of five tickets - one admission for each day of fair, day specific
·         Senior Week Pass (Ages 62+), $30
·         Adult Week Pass, $40
·         Youth Week Pass (Ages 6-12), $15
·         Child Week Pass (Ages 5 and under), $0
Date Pack ($64) Valentines Special
·         Two, one-day-use carnival wristbands
·         Two, one-day-use adult Fair admissions
·         May be used any day
·         Save 25% off of on-site price

Carload Pack ($25) – Available for purchase online one weekend only
·         Five, one-day-use adult Fair admissions
·         On sale online June 14-16, 2024, only
·         Split it amongst family & friends!
·         Save 50% off of on-site price

My Kiss Pack ($24) – On sale July 6-7th
·         Carnival use on Wednesday, July 17 (only) from 1 – 6 pm
·         One, one-day-use Carnival wristband
·         One, one-day-use adult Fair admission
·         Save 45% off of on-site price

Carnival Wristband ($25)
·         One-day-use carnival wristband
·         Save 20% off of on-site price
·         1 – 11 pm Wednesday-Saturday
·         1-6 pm Sunday

Hero’s Day – Sunday only
·         Free one-day-use adult Fair admission (Sunday, July 21st, only) for all first responders,
          veterans, and military personnel with valid ID
·         ID presented at ticket gates for free admission; no pre-purchase available
·         Free ticket may not be exchanged for cash; good only for valid ID holder

Handicap parking is available at the Big Sky Country State Fair
Tamarack and Oak Parking Lots.
Only service dogs are allowed at the Big Sky Country State Fair.
The Big Sky Country State Fair has the Tree of Life breastfeeding and rest area. Bus stops are also set on route for the Big Sky Country State Fair.
To become a partner of the Big Sky Country State Fair contact our office at 406-582-3270 or
Please call the Gallatin County Fairgrounds at 406-582-3270 on Monday-Friday 8am-4pm.


  1. No refunds. Cancellations must be 24 hours or more before your reserved date and you will receive a credit which will be held for a year.
  2.  Limit of 14 nights during any 30-day period.  Any stay must be paid in advance.
  3. No dumping of gray water or other fluids onto the ground. Many local gas stations have an RV dumping station.
  4. Water fill is available on premises for those staying in electric and dry camping spaces for a nominal $5 charge.
  5. Electric Service is 50 AMPS.  We do offer adaptors for sale at $20 each if you wish to purchase from us.
  6. No open burning.
  7. If using a generator, please discontinue use between the hours of 10 p.m. and 8 a.m.
  8. Dogs must be on a leash and waste picked up immediately.
  9. Space rented is 40’x20’ is for one tow vehicle and one RV/Camper only and are BACK-IN only.  No other vehicles or trailers are allowed to be stored on the Fairgrounds without authorization.
  10. Stay within your designated site.  Absolutely no parking in any other RV site.  Tow vehicle must be unhitched from the trailer and must not block drive lane!  Parking is available across the drive lane from your site.
  11. No Parking on the grass
  12.  No tents allowed.
  13.  No restrooms or showers available.
  14.  Check out time is Noon.  If not vacated by Noon, additional fees may be incurred, and vehicles may be towed.
  15.  Office Hours are 9 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  16. BLACKOUT DATES: July  7 - 29 2024
To make a reservation on the website follow the facilities tab, scroll down to rv parking, and click the link to make your reservation.
Full Hookup - $50/night 
Electric Only- $40/night
Dry Camping - $20/night
Please be sure about your reservation before you make it, we do not offer any refunds if you cancel your reservation.
Tenting is not allowed at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds.
The Gallatin County Fairgrounds does not offer any restrooms, showers or dump stations. We do offer water fill ups for $5 for campers staying on our grounds. 
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