Animals at the Fair!

Dates:Jul 19, 2023 - Jul 23, 2023
Times:Jul 19:11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Jul 20:11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Jul 21:11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Jul 22:11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Jul 23:11:00 AM - 6:00 PM
First Security Bank Livestock Barns/ AgWest Farm Credit Services Livestock Show Tent
901 North Black
Bozeman, MT 59715
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Event Details

Animals on display all day, Wednesday - Sunday, in the First Security Bank livestock barns.

Animals are the #1 reason visitors come to Fair in the United States! This is the only place you can get up close and personal with your favorite goat or pig without living on your own farm. It’s the last best place to learn all about the people who feed your family.

Critter viewing available all week!
Rabbits, goats, beef, hogs, poultry, sheep, dairy cows, and horses on display all day, Wednesday through Sunday, in all the First Security Bank livestock barns. See our 4-H Schedule Overview for a complete listing of animal showings and events during Fair.

How Do I See Them?
All animals may be found in the First Security Bank livestock barns. Here are some tips when visiting:

Keep your movements contained as you stroll down the barn aisles. We are glad you’re here, but sometimes animals can’t see you coming. You can talk to them all you want! Ask any animal owner if it is alright to pet something before you pet it. Not all animals enjoy being touched. Wash your hands before and after you visit the barns! Hand washing stations are located at most barns as well as the shopping and food row.

You can easily see all the animals showing this year! At the AgWest Farm Credit Services Livestock Show Tent, it’s much easier to check out the shows. You will find animals shown by kids of all ages. There is a show almost every day, so check the schedule to make sure you don’t miss them! Parents, if your family has never witnessed a livestock auction, this is a great place to see one! The 4-H Market Sale is at 4 pm on Friday, July 21, in the AgWest Farm Credit Services Livestock Show Tent.

Join us down at Anderson Arena for the Bozeman Roundup Ranch Rodeo on Saturday and the Barnyard Brawl on Sunday!

Don't forget to check our  Pardners Corral and The Barnyard for more animal fun! 

  • Petting Zoo
  • Barnyard Races 
  • Sea Lion Splash 
  • Canine Stars
  • Butterfly Encounter 
  • Ladybug Encounter

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